Daylight Saving

Zillertal, Austria
2 Apr 2014
by Tina

Yesterday we where supposed to go for a hike, but only the first 1km was during forrest, the rest became a village walk, which also was very nice and the rest a walk along the river for home leg. Silje has become so fit and good at walking while over there this winter, she had no problem doing the 6km walk, it was slow and with breaks but the skiing and all the walking around to shops with me has done her good.

The zillertal is suitably wide at the bottom of the valley to be giving us lots of sun, and the eastern side of the valley gets most at the end of the day as the sun sets.

We have just gone into summertime and changed the clocks an hour forward, so now it will be daylight till 20.00 instead of 19.00