Settling In

Zillertal, Austria
5 Dec 2013
by Tina

The first day we where invited into Frau A’s apartment for a coffee and a chat, and oh my, we where a bit rusty in our German. But we got by and within half an hour a few phone calls were made, a free pram was being organised for us that someone in town no longer needed. This was certainly promising - friendly people, friendly town, and our main mode of transport was sorted on the first day.

The kids found the Austrian winter very cold, especially in their gum boots that we started out with for the first 2 days. Master K at two and a half has never liked trying on new clothes or footwear, but for very cold reasons there was absolutely no rejection of the beanies, gloves or new winter boots he was dressed in.

To find our new winter boots, and locate a town with a shoe shop, we had to travel a few stops up the train line. This wonderful little three carriage train - the Zillertal Bahn - that passed by our new backyard four times an hour every day was to become our second best mode of transport. It also provided lots of entertainment for our trainspotting children - “Mum look! A three car Zillertal Bahn to Mayrhofen!”

That first day we walked through town at a snail’s pace as we had to wait for the kids constantly. They just had to stop and touch snow every step of the way. But who can blame them. Snow is amazing and after being trapped in a plane for so long, being outdoors was such a relief.

Best of all, our new home had access to a backyard with snow, a small hill, sleds, little forest, and toys. All this belonged to the Frau A’s grandchildren who where 6 & 9 and lived in the house just next door. New playmates on our doorstep, wonderful.

We had had some shy moments the first 2 days, but soon Miss S and Master K were happy to play outside with the girls for two to three hours in the afternoon when they get home from school.

We hope this will help the kids learn a some of German!

Our street Play time Neighbours backyard