Spring Time

Zillertal, Austria
20 Mar 2014
by Tina

Spring weather is just like summer here this march in Zillertal. The direct sunlight is amazingly warm and when there is no wind, you just want to dress down to shorts and t-shirt, i must admit i got caught out dressing too lightly on a few others days where it suddenly was colder after a snow fall.

We have started skiing again after Silje had her injury, but we have to finish by midday as the snow is too wet, heavy and therefore too hard and dangerous to ski in. But its beautiful to be up there in the morning from 8-9 in the morning, enjoying the white snow, green landscape and the blue skies.

Coming back to town and relaxing while the kids play in the garden with the neighbours girls. Well I would be pleased to get some house chores done at home, but wile Silje being old enough to play outside by herself, Kasper is not, and its not fair to keep him home inside our apartment while he can see silje and the girls having fun outdoors. So I’m will make use of my time on the ipad instead, I think I already have spent enough hours watching the kids play or joining in games when they have no other playfriends or struggle to find a joint game.

Silje is currently riding bikes with 7 yo emma and 9 yo christina is helping kasper load the play wheelbarrow and he is proudly driving the load around. Oh I would love to have a garden with room for this kind of play while my kids grow up.